Free website creation. Independent creation, editing and maintenance of web pages.

A website in minutes with ready-made elements in just a few clicks. Did you know that you can set up a website completely free of charge? That you don't have to register your own domain and rent web hosting?



Free website

Free domain!

In the subscription relationship, the .si or .com domain is free!
Try it for free and without obligation. Spend 5 minutes of your time on your new site and show it to your customers today.
With a simple editor, you can easily edit the content of the page. Anytime, anywhere! For a more pleasant start to your Internet experience, we also give you a free domain to avoid additional costs.

Creating a website for free is really easy with us. Create and publish a responsive website to your liking quickly, easily and for free.

REB SaaS Website Builder is a simple and sophisticated online tool for creating a website for free and has a very large number of responsive web templates available. With regular updates, REB SaaS Website Builder is always up to date and you don't need to worry or update the software. You can fully devote yourself only to the content of your new website.

Rearrange menus, contents, images and everything else as you like.
Your site can be published today!

Responsive page design
All free websites that you create for free are responsive and compatible with all screen sizes.

Static free websites
Publishing a static website (HTML, CSS, JS) for faster and safer operation of your website.

Get users and customers from different parts of the world. Use our functionality for multilingual content. Make your site available to everyone!

We install an SSL certificate on your website hosting server FREE OF CHARGE.

For security and protection of sensitive information and trust. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that enables the encryption of data between the server and the client via a secure (encrypted or coded) protocol and thus ensures a high level of security for communication and a secure experience for visitors. Abuse of sensitive data means loss of trust!

With Responsive web design, the free website is made in flexible dimensions and thus offers visitors the content that is optimally adapted for a specific device. Responsive design enables web presentations to be displayed in an optimized way, easily viewed, and read and navigate through the web page, which will automatically be displayed differently on different devices.

Responsive websites made with the REB SaaS Website Builder tool provide visitors with the best possible user experience, as a responsive website can be easily viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. Thus, your new free website is adapted to modern trends.

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